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Federal Criminal Defense

The Bonderud Law Firm has a thriving and successful federal criminal defense practice. The Firm has defended a wide variety of clients in federal cases involving allegations of healthcare fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud, conspiracy, drug trafficking, human trafficking, criminal violations of federal immigration law, and firearms violations. The Firm has defended cases brought not only by the local US Attorney’s Office, but also by the U.S. Department of Justice, sometimes referred to as “Main Justice”.

The Bonderud Law Firm has a proven track record of success in handling its federal criminal cases, as well as a reputation for being willing to take cases to trial when necessary. As with every case, the Firm reviews the evidence thoroughly and meticulously, and works with the Firm’s clients to craft a winning strategy. We scrutinize the evidence, thoroughly research the law, and develop a plan of action in close consultation with the client. This level of preparation allows us to be in the best position to either negotiate a favorable plea agreement or present a compelling case to the jury.

Clients who are facing federal charges can trust The Bonderud Law Firm to provide best-in-class legal representation.

Client Reviews

“The Bonderud Law Firm excelled at taking complicated legal matters and explaining them in a way that I could grasp. This decreased my anxiety and allowed me to take a more proactive role in my own case.”

Paul B.

“Mr. Bonderud represented me in an extraordinarily complex action we initiated against my former employer, a Fortune 500 corporation. We were David battling Goliath. Mr. Bonderud took on the challenge with truly remarkable energy and enthusiasm. He was extremely meticulous in his preparation, and...

Ivan R.

“Attorney Andrew Bonderud goes above and beyond. He has met all of my expectations as my Attorney. I would definitely recommend him and I will definitely use his professional services again if need be.”

Don M.

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