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About Bonderud Law


The Bonderud Law Firm is available to represent clients throughout Florida and Tennessee, in state and federal court.

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Meet Andrew M. Bonderud

andrew bonderud

Local Attorney

Andrew M. Bonderud lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida. He is well-equipped to represent his clients’ interests in and outside of court.


Navy Veteran

Andrew Bonderud spent four years as a surface officer in the United States Navy. He participated in three deployments while protecting America on the seas.


World-Class Education

Andrew M. Bonderud earned his Juris Doctor from the Boston College Law School in 2012 and graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University in Nashville.


I have used a few attorneys before for business related issues and Mr Bonderud is by far the the best. His concern and dedication to your issue really shows. He was excellent!



Andrew has only been my lawyer for less than two months and he has been amazing. I have rarely met someone so proactive, passionate and thorough in what he/she does for their clients.